Tools and concepts for Simulation Experiment Management in Systems Biology: Improving the production of simulation experiments through standard formats and management support

Standardization efforts and the exchange of protocols to generate data in the life sciences have become a necessity for large scale projects and multinational collaborations. Data in the life sciences are highly context dependent and if the processes by which the data were generated are not sufficiently well documented, it becomes difficult to reproduce these results and to share and integrate results across projects. The same arguments apply to the generation of scientific results that are based on mathematical models and computer simulations. Systems biology is a scientific approach characterized by an iterative cycle of data-driven modelling and model-driven experimentation. The present project is to provide support for this iterative cycle through techniques and tools that improve and ease the working with simulation setups.

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SEMS runs at the Department of Systems Biology and Bioinformatics at the University of Rostock, Germany.