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de.NBI action at COMBINE 2015 tutorial

At this year’s COMBINE tutorial, a satellite to the ICSB 2015, we taught different tools and possibilities to prepare model-based results for publication in public repositories such as BioModels and PMR2. We also encouraged people to try out our own model management solutions, particularly BiVeS, MaSyMoS, M2CAT and CAT. The slides for the introductory talk […]

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Welcome back @ SEMS, Ron!

In July 2015, Ron Henkel joined our team. He is now a member of the de.NBI project, the newly established German Bioinformatics Infrastructure. Within de.NBI, Ron is employed at the HITS where he works towards better model management for systems biology projects. His major tasks in the project are: to implement SED-ML support, version control and […]

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