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SEMS group retreat 2015

We’re on a retreat in lovely Greifswald this week. Besides all the social and group building activities, we evaluate and discuss possibilities to provide metadata for computational models and COMBINE Archives. The idea is to harmonise current approaches to metadata annotation in SBML, CellML, COMBINE Archive, etc.  

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Registration to DCite is open

We are co-organising a workshop on Citeable data and Reproducible models, DCite, in September this year in Rostock-Warnemünde. The workshop brings together scientists who wish to learn about open science, open data, and how to make their research results reproducible. In the mornings, invited key note speakers will talk about programs and initiatives such as […]

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SEMS is hiring

We are seeking help with the implementation of data management for systems biology in Germany. This post is for a 3 years position to further develop, promote, and integrate existing model management solutions developed in our group. We look for an enthusiastic scientist who wants to spend the coming years with COMBINE standards, databases, bio-ontologies, and XML.

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