CombineArchive WebInterface

The CombineArchive is a zip like format to bundle latest research files and annotate them with meta data. The CombineArchive WebInterface is a web based user interface to create, modify, and share CombineArchives. No need for registration. Just start using the web interface! :)

Currently, the project is under heavy development, but contributions of any kind are welcome.


The sources are available from our git repository:

git clone

Known issues are tracked at our ticket system. If you discover any bugs or if you have any problems, do not hesitate to submit a new ticket.


We use maven as build tool in this project. To build a binary file from our sources just execute following command:

mvn package

For more detailed instructions see BuildAndInstall.


We support open and interoperable software!

The CombineArchive WebInterface can be integrated without much hassle. To allow the Visitors of your website a good glimpse into the archive provided by you just add a link such as the following:

The Webinterface exposes several other interfaces for creating, modifying and deleting archives, archive-entries or meta-entries in a workspace. Most of them are meant for client-server communication, but can also be used by 3rd party software.

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